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2009: Gay Pride Budapest
Gay Pride Budapest. The '14th Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Festival Budapest' took place from 2009 August 30th until September 6th. Part of the festival was the Gay Pride March on Saturday, 2009 September 5th.

Whoopi Goldberg has recorded a video message to support the Gay Pride Festival.

Whoopi: 'Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet block, the struggle for freedom continues. The people in Hungary who are participating in Gay Pride are expressing those freedoms, just like they do in so many other cities in the European Union. Not everyone celebrates Gay Pride. Not everyone agrees with Gay Pride, but all citizens of Hungary who support democracy need to say to themselves, 'You know, people can disagree, but violence against other human beings that's not good. It's wrong.' Now if I were in Budapest, you know I would be marching with you.'

Listen to Whoopi's full message...:

Thirteen embassies (Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) have issued a joint statement in support of the Budapest Pride Festival.

The very first Gay Pride Day took place in September 1997. Check the pictures of Gay Pride Budapest 2008, Gay Pride Budapest 2007, Gay Pride Budapest 2006, Gay Pride Budapest 2005, Gay Pride Budapest 2004, Gay Pride Budapest 2003.

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  • Comment by Kevin who visited in June 2006: My friend David and I did the Budapest Gay Pride 2006. It was a fantastic event, with lots of atmospere and friendly people on the march and along the route. The party at Buddha Beach afterwards was amazing, the atmosphere was incredible.
  • Julie wrote in June 2008: I live in Budapest and was in the Gay pride last year. Unfortunately the political situation in the country is quite bad since November 2006. Very right wing is louder and louder. There was trouble during the 2007 gay pride, few attacks against gay, eggs, bottles and sometimes stones were thrown. It's not as bad as Poland and the party after parade is really good, but if you walk into the parade, expect some crazy on the way.
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