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Gay Guide Prague
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Outdoor Cruising
  • For many years the best known cruising area in Budapest was the promenade along the Danube on the Pest side (Duna-korzó) between Marcius 15 tér and Vigadó tér. It is no longer a cruising area but a very few rentboys can usually be found there from 5 pm until 11 pm. Rentboys can also be found in the underpass linking the tram stop and the metro stop at the Nyugati train station. Beware of police checks. Greater then usual care and caution is to be applied with these hustlers.
  • The little park north off Margit bridge on the Buda side. The cruising area is found near the playground and small pool after crossing the street separating the park. Best time sunset until 11 pm.
  • The people's park (Népliget) is the busiest daytime and nightime cruising park in Budapest. The best way to direct yourself in this park is to imagine a rectangular space with a ring road within it. The metro stop (Népliget) is where you will come out and is located in the lower right corner of the rectangle. Hustlers can also be found in the park.
    Daytime cruising: From early morning to sunset, cruising happens at the back of the park on both sides of the ring road. Look for the dog school. Cruising happens to the right of it if you are facing the dog school.
    Car cruising: During nighttime, car cruising happens on the ring road, especially at the parking area to the left of the planeterium and at the back of the park near and after the dog school.
    Nighttime cruising: The nightime cruising happens from sunset to midnight. Several cruising areas are to be found at night, mainly to the left of the Planeterium, mainly within the ring road. Once having passed the planeterium, continue to the parking area and observe where men go.
    Be aware that the police frequently patrols the park, especially at night, and that you should always have some ID with you.
  • A cruisy toilet at the Ferenc körut metro station. Some rent boys, but also others. Best time 10 am until 6 pm.
  • A cruisy toilet at the Nyugati metro station. Mostly, but not only rent boys. Best time 10 am until 6 pm.
  • Westend City Center. Toilets on all floors. Most popular: The toilet on ground floor near Match Supermarket.
  • Omski Lake. Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods during the summer. Just outside Budapest, in the north, reached by the suburban train HÉV, starting from Batthyány tér (direction: Szentendre). Summertime only. Get off at Budakalász. From there it is about 20-30 mins walk to the lake. There is a nudist area often visited by gays. Not worth the trip.

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  • Loren wrote in November 2007: Just got back from Budapest. Second time. First time was six years ago. Cruising or rentboys has changed quite a bit at the park between Marcius 15 and Vigado. Both times I visited at length with the fellows and sat and watched the interactions. Six years ago, the rent boys were pretty independent, they would hang out with each other, however, transactions were determined individually. The impression I get this time is the Romanians have organized. There are 2-3 old men sitting next to the Marriot that they kept going back to as if they are checking in. They have set prices and time they are willing to 'work'. Seemed like the old men were pimps. In contrast the Hungarians and gypsies are still free agents, leery of the Romanians, as if the Romanians control the turf. They were much more willing to negotiate.
  • Jake wrote in November 2008: Westend City Center toilet on ground floor near Match Supermarket. Deffo cruising area but security all over the place, beware. The people's park (NÚpliget) is another area where cruising is alive and well.
  • Denis wrote in July 2008: I visited Nepliget park 3 days ago. Busy, but many old folks. Sucked 3 dicks. Gabriel, please, contact me.
  • Danny wrote in December 2009: Westend City Center toilet. Visited August 2009. Great time there. A hot married man used me for his pleasure. It was one of the best.
  • Peter wrote in April 2012: Westend City Center Shopping Mall. Are you kidding me? I went there to shop and I had to pee, around 10 in the morning. The toilet door was wide open (a bit creepy) and men were at the urinals waiting. I peed and got handjobs by 2 men, went back at 15:00 to pee & got 3 handjobs. A guy 19 gave a great blowjob. Then he told me to go to a quieter toilet on a higher floor, where I was blown by the same guy and 3 others. Then I fucked 2 of them and got a rimjob by 1 guy, then fucked 2 older very fit gentlemen. This was fantastic !!
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