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CoXx Club (former Chaos)
1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 38 (Corner to Nagydiófa utca)
Phone: +36-1/ 344 48 84
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Metro Astoria and Metro Blaha L. Square; Night bus at Astoria: 914, 950, 979/979A, 966, 931, 908, 921, 973, 907, 956; Night bus at Blaha L. Square: 906, 923, 908, 907, 973, 921, 956, 931; Trolley 74)
Gay (men only), Bar, Back room / Darkroom, Sex shop
Basement club on 300 sqm, 3 bars, large cruising area, dark-rooms, jail, sling room etc. Hardcore movies in several rooms. Weekly special parties (military cruising night, nude sex party, sucker night, gang bang party etc).
If you arrive at Dohány utca 38, you'll see their entrance on the street level. You will get a consumption card (see minimum consumption pricing below). Then you take the stairs downstairs to the basement where the bar is located. You may ask at the entrance how many guests are present. Once you took the consumption card you must pay the minimum consumption even if you find the bar empty and even if you stay a couple of minutes only. Sometimes Coxx is very crowded, sometimes not. If you want to avoid disappointents just ask before you take the consumption card upstairs from the guy at the door.

Daily 9 pm until 4 am; Fridays and Saturdays 9 pm until 5 am
No entrance fee. Minimum consumption at the bar 1000 HUF (since October 2007). Condom (machine): 2 condoms and 2 lubricant for 50 HUF.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Comment by Albert who visited in June 2005: Probably one of the nicest places in Budapest to visit. It is clean and friendly. Even the back room is immaculate and nice. Nice international crowd.
  • Comment by Roger who visited in August 2005: A stylish cruising bar. Tbe bar staff were very friendly and I found other guys around the bar very sociable and easy to get in a conversation with. Good music with a dancing area available as well which some guys took advantage of. A large cruisng area/darkroom that was equiped for all tastes. However, the area seemed to underused and I saw absolutely no activity at all. People also seemed to leave early around 1 am making their way to other venues. Minumum consumption was 2000 HUF.
  • Comment by Ron who visited in January 2006: A large tunnel, catering to leather/jeans type of crowd. It has a very big dark room and lots of action in the tunnels. As everywhere in Budapest the guys are hot.
  • Comment by Paul who visited in February 2006: Quite a nice, comfy and stylish bar. Good music. On the right when u enter there is lots of hardcore action. Through the door, sleazy room, toilet simulation.
  • Comment by Eric & Mike who visited in February 2007: This was one of the more popular places we visited on our trip. We had lots of fun and went back each night. There is a good crowd and the first night we were there everyone was quite cute. More older folks arrived later. They changed the minimum consumption to 1200 HUF and 200 coat check. Good beer and cheap drinks. There could be a couple of rent boys but some were nice to talk to without being threatening or applying pressure or being rude. Had fun with other international guests.
  • Comment by who visited in March 2007: Great place, had good action. But be aware: A gipsy guy wanted money and sex with me. When I said no, he attacked me in the street afterwards, but I ran faster than him. He was approx 1,75 height, a bit fat, nice face. He is dangerous! Not the fault of CoXx, but he should be refused access to this good place.
  • Comment by Gary who visited in March 2007: Good bar. Prices higher than Action bar but minimum consumption is only 1000 HUF (couple of large beers). Good international crowd and unlike Action bar no rent boys around to demand money for a blow job on the night we visited! Lots of cruising little action though.
  • Comment by Joe who visited in March 2007: The serving bar and seating near it are very nice, upscale look with lots of exposed brick. Beer was okay and cost the equivalent of about $3 for a large mug. The action rooms were clean and large, but there really was not a lot going on. This was my second trip to Hungary, and my impression has not changed. Lots of guys hanging around, but little happening. Also, if you enjoy kissing, that seems to be the biggest taboo in all of Budapest. It is amazing to observe how guys react when one tries to kiss another. They freeze up and pull away - no jeers about it being me, this was true all around. It becomes almost humorous to watch. Personalities seem very cold. Choose a latin location for your gaycation.
  • Comment by Stuart who visited in May 2007: I don't do the darkrooms but it has a good bar where l met some nice local guys.
  • Comment by Greg who visited in May 2007: Visited Coxx a number of times on my trip and had a great time there. The staff were very friendly and the darkroom was hot! Had plenty. Could have been planned better for more sex.
  • Comment by Nigel who visited in July 2007: Went to CoXx on the last night of my stay, a Sunday. No entry fee, you get a bar tab & drinks are not too expensive, 1000 HUF for a bottle of Becks. Nice bar with some cute guys chatting, and then I found the dark room which is extensive and where there was plenty of action. No poppers for sale. Altogether a fun place.
  • Comment by John who visited in August 2007: I visited the Coxx Club during a recent Business trip to Budapest because of the description on this site. It was a nightmare. After walking half way down their stairs I could see that the place was empty except for two employees, so I gave a wave and went back up. As soon as I was on the sidewalk the guy who had been behind the bar and a security guard were right behind me at the entrance. The barman demanded a white slip of paper. I told him I did not know what he was talking about as I only looked inside. He demanded again this paper and said it was the property of the business and he must have it back. I realized it was some kind of pay card for drinks and that he knew I was not given one, and that he was trying to get money out of me so with a wave I turned to walk away. He lurched at me to grab my wallet and I turned back to face him. I gave him a hard shove away. He was about 5 feet 10 inches and real skinny. I walked away and he followed. I do not know why the security guy or no one else followed. Maybe they were short staffed but it would be fortunate for me. At a main road I tried to get a taxi but he stuck his head in the taxi and frantically spoke to the driver in Hungarian. I decided not to risk being taking back to the bar and the freak started screaming at me for the white strip of paper from the bar and that I was stealing. I was not embarrased as there where not to many people around and they either giggled or looked in disgust. When I tried get directions from two workmen he again spoke frantically to them. Although I looked like a normal tourist my association with such a lunatic made them walk on without helping. I told him to just wait until we get to my hotel, that security would know what to do with him. He said he would talk with them and the police. I was staying at a five star hotel and knew they would believe me over him. Our looks, dress, mannerisms, and tone of voice were complete opposites. He again pleaded for this piece of paper and said how important it was. I almost believed that he believed that he had given it to me. Then I realized that he was a pathological liar. I decided not to speak to him anymore. He tried to give me a rise by asking if I was on drugs, why other Americans were nice and what was my problem, and even asked if I was upset because of a small penis. I have read about bad incidents coming from such gay bars in East Europe as well as straight friends telling of getting taken advantage of or marched to a money machine after going into a straight strip club. All I had done was have a look in the door. Had there been more guys I would have really been in trouble and would have had to of paid out. About one block from my hotel he peeled away to my relief and said he would call the police if I came in his bar again. Had he followed me into my hotel lobby I would have told the doorman to get security as I waited outside. I did not want to cause a scene. They would have believed me because the guy was so strange. Also it was a nice hotel and I was on business with a big and important company. Maybe it would have been different at a hostel or cheap hotel. Anyways, security would have thrown him out or called the police if necessary. This would have brought attention to his bar. The worst to happen to me would have been the gossip amongst the hotel employees. I won but he ruined my night. I just shows what you can expect from going to such places at the wrong time. Had I gone when it was busy and stayed, I might have enjoyed myself and spent lots of money. Around a lot of people he may be friendly as he looks for a tip but I saw this guys true nature. He followed me for about 45 minutes. I stayed calm the whole time so he would know he could not unnearve me. It is best to not pay out to such pathetic people unless you are confronted with a weapon or there are at least three guys.
  • Comment by Jules who visited in September 2007: A really nice bar, pretty busy on a Saturday, quieter in the week. Friendly staff and popular large dark room area.
  • Comment by Pascal who visited in September 2007: Well run, friendly and proper bar. I would definitely recommend. Prices are fair and people seemed genuine.
  • Comment by Vlad who visited in October 2007:So far, the best in Budapest. A nice and goodlooking crowd, young also, perfect for easy cocksucking or fucking in the cruising area.
  • Noel wrote in January 2008: I visited here over new years holiday. Easy to find. It has a red-black circled logo outside. The bar itself is cosy and cruisy. The guyz were 30plus when i was here. I prefer twinks, skaters and students. I also went to Magnum sauna in search of action, but it was full of fat old men, but only one twink which i had action with breifly in the steam room! Then I left as not many young attend here apparently according to staff.
  • Carl wrote in January 2008: DO NOT GO TO COXX. The owner and management is corrupt! The account i just read seems very accurate. Yes, the place looks attractive, but the manager is devious. I drank too much here, and mistakenly wandered into the dark room. Next thing I know somebody is hitting me and the manager is screaming that i hadn't paid (you don't pay until the end, with the white slip of paper). The manager's henchman beat me up and dragged me upstairs where the police were waiting for me. The manager accused me of stealing, calling me dirty names and trying to imply that I was a filthy immoral drug addict for even going into the back room. Beware this manager-owner is a liar and a thief. He will try to rip you off. He uses the dark room to steal from you. The employees are also two-faced. The coat check stole my scarf and my wine that i had brought. The police wouldn't help. Gay people are frowned upon in this country even by other gays, like the manager. This is not a gay community friendly place. It is a tourist trap. Furthermore, i should have learned from the last time i came here a year ago. When i took more than one of the free magazines on the counter after the staff person said it was okay. The manager had called me a gypsy thief. I told him he was racist and he replied that indeed he was. Do not go here. It really should be closed down and the manager-owner put out of business. Before all this happened, i had talked with other customers in the bar, and they agreed that the manager-owner was very unfriendly and rude. I recommend that others join me in boycotting this venue.
  • Glen wrote in March 2008: Coxx is a lovely bar with friendly staff and hot men. The cruising and sex area is well set out and I had lots of fun in there ;) Highly recommended.
  • Harry wrote in May 2008: Visited May 2008. Central location, easy to find. Drink minimum was 1100 HUF, which was easy enough to meet. Don't assume what a drink is worth. While a beer was 600 HUF, a shot of Jager was 1800 and a shot of Drambuie was 2900! Very friendly staff to make you feel comfortable, and a large cruising area in the back with just the right vibe. Friday night was slow to get started, but picked up around 1am.
  • Harry wrote in May 2008: I stayed 4 days in Budapest and enjoyed each night at CoXx. I really had a good time and sooooo much of hot sex! This club I really can recommend! Good music, normal prices and friendly staff as well. Definitively, I will return soon.
  • Tony wrote in August 2008: The best drinking & cruising bar in the city. We ended up there most nights and had a good time. Staff very friendly. Enjoy.
  • Alex wrote in November 2008: I visited Coxx in November 2008 on the 'cocksucking party'. It was busy and full of locals. Very cruisy. I had great time with nice hungarian boys. Very recomendable. They dont accept credit card or Euros, just HUF, but its worth it.
  • James wrote in December 2008: The unfortunate incident which takes up so much of this entry gives the wrong impression. I was there in February 08 and about to go back. The people are nice and friendly, and the 'naked party' i went to was great. They don't demand nudity but most people are.
  • Jim wrote in July 2009: Was there in June 2009. Fun place, friendly staff, nice crowd, weekends very busy during the week is good also. worth stopping by.
  • Thomas wrote in August 2009: This is one of the worst pubs I have ever visited. This is not bears or old men pub but I was the youngest guest there [I am 29 yo]. Visited 3 times and every day the same, quite busy but not for me. Drink prices are higher than in London.
  • Pepe wrote in September 2009: Visited in October 2007. This place was weird, no people in there. It was quite empty and the fee was very unfair. The personal (barman) was rude for us. We are Spanish and he was saying like u come here because u want sex. Or something like that. I could not understand.
  • Wolfgang wrote in October 2009: Visited in October 2009. It happened to be 'Military Cruising' theme night that day. Some lads wearing leather and camouflage, majority dressed up in jeans and t-shirts. Pretty much crowded that night. Entrance fee and/or minimum consumption 1300 HUF, prices at the top notch for Budapest (Heineken 800 HUF), but I think it is worth going there. Friendly and attentive staff.
  • Paul wrote in November 2009: Visited October 2009. Very pleasant very well run bar. The staff and the locals were very frendly. I visited on several occasions and all the nights were consistent. The music was good and never too loud, service prompt and friendly, the dark areas easy to negotiate and people behaved sensibly and safely. A good mix of ages as well. I'm looking forward to going back.
  • Boy wrote in May 2010: I was here in Coxx bar 2 times in Saturdays, no body there and I think its just for old people. But good place for sex if you found somebody ;)
  • Rob wrote in July 2010: July 24 2010. Nice club but there is a big problem with pick pocketers in the back room. Lost all of my money and was unable to pay the tab. Bar manager was a complete jerk about it. If you go there get a locker from the bar staff. It only costs 100 HUF. Keep the key in your sock.
  • Jim wrote in August 2010: Very expensive, especially the confusing entry charges. Very posy and not very friendly. Back room is not that big and there does seem to be some pick pocketing going on. I enjoyed Action bar more. There are cheaper and more welcome places than this. Give it a miss.
  • Colin wrote in September 2010: It's a cool bar with perfectly decent staff. The drink prices are cheap and the whole vibe is very relaxed. The backroom is much more than just 'a backroom'. It's a rabbit warren of rooms and spaces designed to let you fulfil any fantasy you might have. The guys who were there each time I went were friendly, mixed ages but mainly 20-35 and very up for play. As long as you don't go mad with drinks it's a hell of a cheap night out and much better than I thought it would be. I will be heading back during my stay that's for sure!
  • Jim wrote in October 2010: Best avoided. An absolute rip off. Lots of rent and pick pockets. They put up some netting, called it military night and then ripped off the punters. We also got cheated out of money at the door, have since learned that this is not uncommon.
  • Bradon wrote in August 2011: This bar was awesome. Easy to find (across the street and a few blocks from the Blaha metro stop). Staff is reserved but nice. Neighborhood is safe and plenty of taxis late night (but negotiate a price before you get in or they rip you off). The bar is nice and modern and has a good crowd on weekdays and weekends, but doesn't get started until after 11 pm. They have a great back room with public play places, cabins, slings and even a fake car if you want to get into sex in a car. Mixed crowd young and old but something for everyone - definitely a top choice for a cruise bar in Budapest.
  • Paul wrote in September 2011: I visited here August 2010. The place is very clean, staff very friendly. was here on 3 nights each time lots of very hot guys and never left disappointed. I am returning in November this year hopefully it's still the same. Minimum spend is very reasonable, only 3 British Pounds. Looking forward to returning.
  • Daniel wrote in August 2012: CoXx is the best cruise bar in Budapest! Friendly staff, easy to find, clean enough for cruising. I went on a Tuesday night and on a Wednesday night, and I had lots of fun! Good mix of locals and tourists. Genuine people. No disturbing hookers.
  • David wrote in August 2012: Definitely a cool place. Clean, safe, easy to find. I went there in the middle of the week (Wednesday) after midnight and it was still full of guys (at least 50 people). They were really friendly and very direct. If u are an attractive guy - u dont have to do anything there, they will just come right away to try their luck with u. Many hot Gypsies (who were there to suck u well, not to have sex for money), cute Hungarians and even some hot black Americans. Generally - very frindly atmosphere, open till late, I definitely recommend this place.
  • Peter wrote in November 2012: Rudest door men I have ever encountered. I wouldn't go back if it was the last gay bar in Budapest.
  • Kevin wrote in February 2013: We visited Coxx bar and were very impressed, though drinks tend to be pricier than Action Bar. The venue is much larger, and much smarter. They advertise 3 floors but we could not find any indication how to get to those floors. Friday evening was very busy - lots of guys playing in the dark rooms.
  • Marco wrote in March 2013: I visited Coxx on a tuesday night in March. It was not too crowded, about 30 guys.The place is clean, nice staff and amazing play area. They have a well furnished bar, toilet, cabins, slings, smoking area. I paid 200 HUF for clothing check, 850HUF for a bottled beer. I left at 2am very satisfied. I will come back in June 2013 and I will stop by at Coxx again and again. Place safe and highly recommended. Ciao from Italy

Habrolo Bisztro
1051 Budapest, Belvaros Szep utca 1/b
Phone: +36/ 1 950 6644 and +36/ 20 211 6701 (Mobile)
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Gay, Bar
(Between Metro Astoria and Ferenciek Ter, Night bus 921, 973, 914, 950, 979)
Small gay bar that attracts locals. Opened in 2006. Former Angyal Bar staff is working here.
Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 4 or 5 am, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am til 4 or 5 am
No entrance fee. No minimum consumption.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Larry visited in October 2010: I had a very nice time at this small pub. It was close to everything on the Pest side and the people there are very friendly and down to earth. The owner is one of the nicest people you could meet and he speaks English very Well, he made me feel at home in a foreign country! His staff were also very nice. The regulars are very friendly and will come right up to you and say hi. I never felt like someone wanted somthing like other bars in Budapest. Drink prices are in line with other places in town and the decor is very sweet and cozy. The place is very small but that makes it intimate and forces people into conversation. I will go back. Thanks.
  • Jonas visited in September 2011: Small and cosy bar. Friendly staff. Locals visit this bar frequently. Sunday evening is karaoke night and then its very crowded.

Why Not Café & Bar (was Mylord)
1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 3-4 (at the Danube river)
Phone: +36-1/ 780 45 45 and +36-70/ 557 27 27 (mobile)
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link

(Tram 2, 2A, 47, 49; Bus 15, 83, 115, 979, 979A; Near Metro Kálvin square)
Gay, Lesbian, Straight mixed
Coffee shop during daytime and bar at night. A gay friendly café on the river side by Szabadság Bridge with a terrace from March to October. Lola and Olli are the owners.

Every Day from 10 am to 5 am
No entrance fee. No minimum consumption.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Comment by Michele who visited in August 2006: Small, quiet (at least on weekdays). Very nice for an after-dinner drink - but get a beer rather than a cocktail!
  • Comment by Gary who visited in March 2007: Found this bar to be really good - great for an early evening or after dinner drink. Staff friendly. Mostly locals on the nights we visited during the week but fairly busy on the 3 nights we went.
  • Comment by Trevor who wrote in January 2010: I have been going there over the last three years on my 9 visits to Budapest. When i was there in December the roadworks outside were complete so very pleasant place to sit outside once again. Bar staff are very pleasant. Easy to have one drink which leads into another drink and all at best prices in Budapest. Can't wait to go there again.

Other Places
Monte Christo Bar is listed in several publications as a gay bar. We do not know why they list it. Bob who vistited Monte Christo in April 2010 wrote: 'I visited Monte Christo last night. It did not seem to be gay at all. There was a straight unfriendly woman bartending who did not speak a word of English. I got a couple of straight guys to translate and asked if they have gay guests. They are not unfriendly to gay guests but not really advertising for them either. I would not go back there, that's for sure. Not friendly service, and difficult to find.'

No Longer Existing
Upside Down - not gay anymore
Bitch VIP Lounge - closed October 2008
Árkádia Bar - closed May 2009
Cafe Mylord - changed name to Why Not in 2011
Cafe Smile - closed January 2011
New Gloryhole (was Uniformis Klub/Adonis) - closed in 2011
Le Cafe M - changed its name back to Mystery
Mystery Bar - closed in March 2015
Funny Carrot - closed in .....
Action Bar - closed in July 2017
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