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Alterego Cafe (closed!)
The Alterego Cafe at 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 1 closed in September 2012. Here a warning (written by S. and D. in March 2013): 'The place where in former days the AlterEgo Café was located is nowadays called the Club Reizz or something. We thought it was just renamed and went in. The food was very well with reasonable prices. After a short time two ladies came sitting at the table to us. After a period we came to talk with them. Drinks were being exchanged. There was a bit of (not close) dancing. We spend till than a pleasant time. When we asked for the bill the lady who had served us told us that we had to pay about € 1000 in HUF. Of course we were ashtonished. As we didn't have that much money in cash they ordened me (S.) to go to an ATM, escorted by the servant lady and one of two we had been talking with. As I had a withdrawl earlier that day I didn't manage to get very much money at even three ATM's. The three of us went back to the place and D. had to come to an ATM. We quickly gathered all our stuff and I went with them. At the ATM Dick said he was going to call the police and went away. When a few other people passed by I shouted that they were a couple of bitches and cheeters and that we should pay any more money. So intead of € 1000 it costed us about € 600. An expensive evening. Of course is it our own fault and we shouldn't have been that silly. This whole story is to warn you and especially other visitors for this place. From the outside nothing special gives you a warning signal preventing you to enter. So you go easily inside. At first it looks like a restaurant/bar. Later it turns out to be a dangerous place.'

No Longer Existing
Stone Dell'arte Cafe - closed in 2011?
X-Caffe - closed in summer 2011
Bolondora Cafe - closed in September 2011
Alterego Cafe - closed in September 2012
Café Yogya - closed end of December 2012
Amstel River Café - closed in 2013
Café Eklektika - closed in 2013
Cafe & - changed name and owner in 2013, no longer gay
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