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There are several party organizers for gay and/or lesbian parties in Budapest. The locations are sometimes changing. Some of them are monthly, others irregular. Please visit their websites for details. You can also email them to ask for the date, the location, the directions, the opening hours and the entrance fee.
  • Ösztrosokk Party (Ostrogen Shock) Lesbian and mixed Parties
    Visit this link  Email: See Website
    All you can dance. Ösztrosokk organizes women-only parties monthly plus mixed parties for lesbians and their friends of any sex occassionally. Location varies, please check details on the webpage or contact Ösztrosokk by email.
  • !szkafander Gay, Lesbian, Straight-friendly Parties 
    Visit this link  Email: See Website

    Parties (every 6 to 9 weeks at changing locations) are announced 2 weeks before the party at their website in English and Hungarian. Tech-, minimal- and dance music ('We were bored by those parties in basements').
  • Brutko Gay, Lesbian and Straight Mixed Party 
    Visit this link 
    More alternative then the rest. They also hold a fun Madonna night once in a while. Quite mixed but with a good amount of gay and lesbian guests.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

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Alterego Bar & Lounge
1066 Budapest, Dessewffy utca 33
Phone: +36/ 70 345 43 02 (mobile)
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Walk from Oktogon or Arany Janos Metro stations, near the corner to Nagymezo street)
Bar, Dance Club, Shows
Bar and Dance club in a basement. 3 bars, some sofas, a dance floor and a stage for shows. Showtime 0:15 am. Different programs on different days (Retro parties, Diva nights, Singly parties, Discovery night).

Fridays and Saturdays 10 pm until 5 am
Entrance fee: 1000 HUF before midnight and 1500 HUF after midnight, no drink included.
No Minimum Consumption.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Luis wrote in January 2008: Visited in January 2008. Nice little place with a good a bit young crowd. Clean and nicely designed. The music could be better, but overall it was fun.
  • Mark wrote in March 2008: I visited February 2008. I am English and went with a Hungarian friend. Very slick and smart but absolutely devoid of any atmosphere. The cabaret which is drag reminded me of a past era. Utterly boring and a complete waste of time unless you are with a lover then I guess it would be comfortable.
  • Keith wrote in August 2008: Went there on a Saturday in August (which is supposed to be an off month) and on a day where there was also another big event going on. We normally like big events, but AlterEgo was way better than the event. A great space, lots of lounge areas, inexpensive (like most things in Budapest), and, best of all, lots of cute guys (most in their twenties or early thirties), cute lesbians and everybody very friendly and having a good time. Complete contrast to your normal expectations of Hungarians, who never seem to smile.
  • Daniel wrote in May 2009: I visited Alterego in Budapest in April 2009. According to my Hungarian friends, this is the club in Budapest. They were right. I was there on a Friday night, and it was nearly packed. On Saturdays there is a always a long line where people have to wait for hours. Entry was 1500 HUF. There was one dance floor, with plenty of young cute Hungarian guys there. Highly recommended.
  • Raul wrote in February 2010: I visited Alterego Friday and Saturday night, for sure in Saturday was more crowdy but also on Friday was great. Very nice music for house and pop music fans. The entrance is 1000 HUF before midnight and 1500 HUF after midnight. The party starts with a very nice travesti show for 30 min, then comes the dance time. A lot of nice attractive Hungarian guys, many foreigners also. I recommand this club.
  • Adriano wrote in Ocrober 2010: Visited on Friday night. It´s nice. A drag queen show about Hungarians. Good looking people. Accepted Euros, but not credit cards. Unbelievable. Prices were reasonable, 1000 HUF to get in, 300 for take the coats. 1230 HUF for a cuba libre, 600 for a beer.
  • Jonas visited in September 2011: This is the best gay club in Budapest. Very crowded every Friday and Saturday. Greats shows around midnight and staff in bars hot and friendly. But it feels like being in jail because you are not allowed to get out and get some fresh air and come back again. Very strange because you get your ticket as a bracelet. You know, the same type you get when you visit a music festival etc. I asked the guard in the door why I have to wear this ticket on my arm when I was not allowed to get out and come back, but sudenly he didn't speak english and didn't wanna answer. The guards are bald, oversized muscle guys and you dont wanna argue with them. Some Hungarian guys once told me that the club is owned by the mafia, but I dont know if its true.
  • Tamro visited in July 2013: I was at Alterego Club on Friday, 5 July 2013. Very nice dragshow at 00.15. Ticket 2100 HUF. Nice atmosphere, mostly young crowed. Friday evening was more techno music. Bombay Gin with tonic 5.25 € and beer 475 HUF. Place is worth visiting and dance if you feel like.
Café Capella
1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 23
Phone: +36-70/ 295 95 07 (4 til 11pm)
Email: ?
Web: Visit this link[January 2014: Website has no content]
(on the Danube, near to Metro 3 Ferenciek tere, Night bus 978)
Bar, Dance Club, Shows
Staff is mostly gay, but this place attracts mostly straights. Drag Shows at midnight and at 1 am. On 3 levels. Wednesdays more gay than other days.

Daily 10 pm until 4 am
Entrance fee normally is Fridays and Saturdays 1500 HUF; Wednesdays and Thursdays 500 HUF (since October 2005). But sometimes it can be up to 3500 in case of special events.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Comment by Roger who visited in August 2005: Easy to find with an amazing interior (3 open floors with a stage). It seemed to be a popular place for the local gay community though it never got busy. Drags serving behind the bar Friendly. They should do more with this bar. It has real possibilities.
  • Comment by Kevan, who visited in March 2006: I've recently visited Cafe Capella in Budapest and it's not too bad. I felt the cover charge was a bit much for what you get though the music all in all was nice. Cute bar staff. Expect to pay for drinks as you would in the states. About 7 to 8 US dollars (1500 HUF) The drag shows are fun and the atmosphere relaxed with lots of twisting stairs, a balcony and narrow halls. I may go back.
  • Comment by Jez , who visited in April 2006: Capella Cafe is fantastic. A real mix of people, but to say it attracts mainly straights is batantly wrong. There have been a few straight people everytime I went, and everyone was friendly. A real change from the scene-queens of the UK. Recommended!
  • Comment by Michele, who visited in August 2006: Went on Wednesday. Small but very nice dance club. It is on three levels, but the upper floor was closed at that time. Not very busy before the drag show at 1 am, in Hungarian but very funny anyway! Entrance fee is 500 HUF only, also including one drink. You might also find some sex near the bathroom area.
  • Comment by Pat, who visited in September 2006: It was easy to find. We had a fun night. However it got very packed and smokey for the show at midnight. I had serious worries about fire escapes. The tranny bar person was abnoxious and took a drink for himself from my change and then asked. Drink was 3 times the price I paid anywhere else in Budapest. Visit Cafe Capella again? No.
  • John wrote in May 2008: Ok guys and girls this place is very nice, calm and friendly people are working in. The show was a perfect one. Dancing, the show was performing different dancing from cha-cha-cha - salsa - to hip-hop and RnB (Justin and Madonna). I liked it and maybe the one things is that the staff dont speak English, but always you can find language to communicate. So enjoy.
  • Jeff wrote in January 2009: The worst place ever to go for gays! Lots of st8 people. Not a few. It's pretty much a str8 disco with a drag show! Drink & entrance fee is expensive. It's not worth ur time! Don't go, it's real bad there.
  • Stephen wrote in July 2009: I visited Cafe Capella on a Saturday. The bar man said the place was empty because there had been a demonstration by Neo Nazis at the parliament that day. I thought the place was awful. The men's toilet, or cubicle, was covered in shit. A member of staff attempted to short change my companion. Overall, it's tolerable since the music was good, but I would not encourage anyone to visit.
  • Peter wrote in January 2010: Visited December 2009, on a Wednesday. This was a very nice place to have a drink, watch the shows and dance. Quite busy and nice (young) boys. Capella are several (smaller) area's and a pleasent atmosphere. Worth a visit, at least on Wednesday (I have no information about other days of the week). They also had a new pretty large and well designed darkroom.
  • Milton wrote in October 2012: Went on a Wednesday, which is supposed to be the busy night. Arrived at 11.45 pm. Almost empty, and the staff pretend not to speak English in an attempt to ripoff. Not worth the hassel (it is kinda far, on the Danube riverbank...).
Club Underground
1072 Budapest, Dohany utca 22-24
Phone: +36/ (06) 20 261 8999
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Lesbian and Gay Danceclub
Small disco. Shows. Mainly lesbian. It was in Terez korut 30 for many years, but moved to a new location (See above).

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am to midnight; Wednesdays 11 am to 2 am (Karaoke 8 pm to 2 am); Fridays 11 am to 5 am; Saturdays 11 am to early morning.
No Entrance fee. Minimum consumption Fridays 1000 HUF, Saturdays 2000 HUF

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

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No Longer Existing
Angyal Bar - closed in February 2006
MilkS/HakE Party - no parties since August 2007
Bamboo - closed in September 2007
Club Bohemian Alibi - closed in October 2008
Revans Club - renamed to GLAM in April 2009
Pure Party - last party in October 2009
Candy! Party - last party has been on 14th of March 2010
GLAM - closed in May 2010
Spartacus Party - last party has been on ?
Basszus Kulcs Club - closed in 2011
Juicy Parties - last party has been in March 2011
Adonis Club - closed in November 2011
Liberty Party - closed in October 2013 (last party Oct 31st)
Confetti Parties - closed in November 2013 (last party Nov 2nd)
Score Club - closed in April 2014
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