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Sauna 69
1093 Budapest, Angyal utca 2 (Entrance from the street - a metal door with the sign 69)
Phone: +36-1/ 2101751
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Facebook: Visit this link
Gayromeo: Visit this link
(Close to the Petofi bridge, Metro stop Ferenc korut; Tram 4 or 6 Mester utca stop; 2, 2A Boraros ter stop; Bus 15 Boraros ter stop; Night Bus 906e Mester utca stop; 914, 950e Ferenc korut stop)
The 500 square meters sauna for gay men. It is open since December 2004. Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, 12 relax cabins, 6 glory holes, darkroom, massage, video room, free internet and Wifi access, relaxation room with TV; bar with alcoholic beverages (beer, breezers, champagne, wine), non alcoholic, hot and cold drinks, snacks. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any premises.

Opening hours: Mondays till Thursdays 1 pm until 1 am, Fridays 1 pm until 2 am, Saturdays 1 pm until 4 am (closing time may vary on Saturday) and Sundays 1 pm until 1 am.
Entrance fees: Under 25 years 1600 HUF (Thursdays 1300 HUF); Over 25 years 2100 HUF (Wednesdays 1700 HUF; Mondays 1pm to 6pm 1600 HUF) Towel and slippers are included. Extra towel: 250 HUF. Return same day: 500 HUF. (checked January 2014).
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The most recent comment:
  • Ben wrote in November 2012: On Sunday, 28 October 2012 I went to Szauna 69 together with a friend. We took the metro to the station Corvin-Negyed and from there it was an easy walk via Ferenc körút to Angyal útca 2. From the outside there was no sign that there was a sauna at all, until you see Number 2 and a door with Szauna 69 on it. This anonymous door did hide a surprisingly extended venue. When entering the sauna, you have to pay HUF 2000 (around 7,5 Euro) and get a towel, a pair of slippers, a condom and lube. I requested an extra towel for HUF 250 (around 0,90 Euro). I was surprised to see so many beautiful Hungarian guys around. The guys seemed well aware of their well-toned bodies, so different from the dominant Anglosaxon 'beefy' style musled men. Hungary is a great nation in swimming, athletics and gymnastics. You could see that: the bodies were more swimmers-build than fitness-build, if you understand what I mean. Szauna 69 was a bit complicated to oversee. It is dark, many corners and edges, it takes a whole to discover where everything is. Hungarian men on the street seem not afraid to touch each other in an amical way, during discussions or when partying. In the sauna however it was remarkable how careful everyone was: towel around in the dry sauna, towel around in the steambath, towel around in the infrared sauna. Appearing 'straight' seemed important. Of course everyone was as queer as possible but from the outside it was important to look fit, manly, straight and cool. Also remarkable: In comparison to cities as Amsterdam or Berlin, hardly any guy with a tattoo or piercing, just au naturel. When I was there, I only saw to or three over 50, the rest was (way) under that age. There is a disadvantage of having so many gorgeous guys around: everyone keeps on die Prinzensuche as the Germans say (looking for that Prince). When there are so many hot dudes around, the chance is big that everyone keeps walking, watching, flirting but in the end goes home, a little bit disappointed. This time I encountered a cute muscled Hungarian dude, who looked like one of those gymnasiasts on the Olympics. He was such a good kisser, mmmm. Szauna 69 is definitely worth a visit.
Read all 7 comments about Sauna 69.
Magnum Sauna & Gym
This listing was removed on 2014 Sept 26th.
Gellért Bath
I., Kelenhegyi út 4-6
Phone: +36-1/ 466 61 66
(Bus 7, Tram 18, 19, 47, 49)
The fountains are over 200 years old. The bath itself was built in 1918 in art nouveau style, and is probably the most famous among all baths in Budapest for its architectural beauty. It is also the priciest of its kind. Gay men go to the thermal baths mainly, but the pool and the outside area during the summer are also cruisy. Massage and other medical services are available.
Opening hours for thermal bath and swimming pool Mondays til Fridays 6 am til 7 pm (entrance latest at 6 pm). Saturdays & Sundays in summer 6 am til 5 pm (entrance latest at 4 pm). The outside areas open from May til October.
Entrance fee: Thermal bath 3100 HUF. If you leave within 2 hours you get 400 HUF refunded, within 2 to 3 hours you get 200 HUF refunded. Cabin included, access to swimming pool included.

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  • Comment by Ron who visited in January 2006: This is a beautiful place! However, if you are looking for action, you'll have to try the gay suanas.
  • Comment by Mlke who visited in September 2007: In the thermal bath area for men you have to wear swim a short, because of renovation of the womans part ladies are also inside the male-area.
  • Comment by Ivan who visited in September 2007: It was a nice experience but not at all gay. Trunks are worn everywhere (no apron), so I had to hire awful orange baggy trunks for an extra 500 HUF, and the thermal baths are mixed. The whole place is also very confusing in its layout.
  • Jimmy wrote in January 2008: First thing that I noticed is that this is filled with other tourists and countrys elites who can go both ways. Even though the area is large, you can make eye contact and occasional genital rubs to get their attention. Once they respond with their gay antenna, rest area is where the action takes place. Be discreet.
  • Nicolas wrote in April 2008: Strongly not recommended for gays but also for straight people. There is nothing gay there, and its expensive comparing it to the other baths. For gay action prefer sauna 69 or Magnum. For a stunning bath go to Szechenyi. It is just amazing. I met a gay guy at Széchenyi even the place isn't gay at all.
  • Lee wrote in July 2008: I cannot begin to describe the inconvenience that is this bath. It's a bunch of dumpy Americans in long shorts and a very stressed staff. Not relaxing and you must wear a suit.
  • John wrote in May 2009: I visited this magnificent bath in 1991. It's glory was somewhat faded but you could see it had once been. And the action! Never saw anything like it. And those aprons! Sexiest idea ever! There was so much action it was necessary to beat the men off. What happened? Hungary opened up to the world and everything gay went south! Ah. For those 90's! Never to be seen again, I wager.
  • Heri wrote in December 2009: Visited November 2009. Because I had no swimming suits, an apron has been given to me. With this apron, I enjoyed the thermal part (only for men) of the Gellert bath. A beautiful surrounding. One steam bath, three hot rooms and two big thermal bathes (36°C and 38°C). It was very sexy to swim there with only the apron and observe other guests (some had aprons, some had normal swimming suits). I went after the thermal experience to the mixed swimming pool area. There I had to rent swimming suits. It was very beautiful to swim there, especially due to the fantastic architecture. Gellert is worth a visit, I got some money back, because I did not stay the full three or four hours.
  • Kevin wrote in February 2013: I visited 3 different baths, and the Gellert was the most disappointing. The entrance fee was extortionate (HUF5100 for a weekend special - Feb 2013), the staff unfriendly, and the place confusing. The one redeeming factor was the outdoor pool. It appears it is mixed all the time now (certainly at the weekend), and swimwear has to be worn at all times.
  • Xaver wrote in October 2013: Some years ago Gellert was a nice place with good and discrete gay scene. I visited it recently after several years and found out that there is more gay action in the shower area of the swimingpool. On the first floor, but especially on the ground floor. This area is mixed but they have male and female showers separated. If you take a long shower some nice man can appear and some hot sex is possible unless some stupid tourist girls come and disturb because they are unaware of showers for women. But still, the toilattes are quite big and if disturbed you can continue there. So, apart from the thermal area where you used to wear a small apron, there is a swimming pool area with showers and toilets with gay action. Many people do not find it because they do not know about it. In many sence, Gellert spa is very ellegant and clean though a bit expensive. Worth seeing definitively!
Király Bath
II., Fô utca 82-84.
Phone: +36-1/ 202 36 88
(Tram 4, 6, Bus 6, 26 to Margaret bridge, on the Buda side, then walk or take tram 19 or bus 60, 86 for one stop towards Battyány tér.)

Since May 2011 the Király Bath has no men only and no women only days anymore. For many decades it was a very popular gay meeting spot. The Rudas bath (see listing below on this page) still has men only days A tv report in the Hungarian Television about gay sex at Kiraly bath in February 2005 caused drastic changes. Suddenly cameras have been installed and swimwear became required. Now. since they do not have man only days anymore, the private gay saunas Magnum and Sauna 69 are the places for cruising. Király Bath is worth a visit if you want to experience an old turkish bathhouse. It was built in the 15th century by Arslan Pasha. Massage available. Towels are provided with the entrance fee.
Many travel guide books still Király would have men and women days. That's not the case anymore. Daily from 9 am until 8 pm. Entrance closes 1 hour before the bath closes. Opening hours are the same all year around.
Entrance fee (locker included, for the day, unlimited time) is 2100 HUF.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Comment by Don who visited in February 2005: Kiraly now requires that everyone must wear a bathing suit even in the sauna. Also try Gellert a little better for swimming and at least the apron is worn in the men's baths. But also disappointing.
  • Comment by muffin1969 who visited in February 2005: Though I live here in Budapest, I have not been to the Kiraly for about nine months. From the word that I have heard from those who have gone since the news story hit the TV news, they are now requiring men to wear bathing suits. There are monitors in the pool areas monitoring behavior. From what I have been told, there is no action there. What my Hungarian friends have said it that it has been well known that this is the Gay thermals. The Tourist Bureau even had this on their printouts of the thermals in the city. However, since it was exposed (pardon the pun) on the news, the city was forced to take action. Most of the thermals are owned by the government and they are all in financial trouble. Hungary is hoping for big money from the EU to remodel them and make Budapest the Wellness Center of Europe. They are going to lose a lot of money on the Kiraly if the gays quit going there. The majority of the men there are tourists. When the prices went up to 1000 HUF, the rent could not afford it. Now they raised it even to 1100 HUF. For the same price, you can go to the gay saunas and spend as much time as you want.
  • Comment by spicekid who visited in June 2006: Gellert and Kiraly Thermal Baths. I met handsome men in both places: an easy work! In Kiraly i saw action under the shower and none had troubles about it! Really good.
  • Comment by Ryan who visited in July 2006: Yes, you must wear swim suits now. There is no longer any action due to a TV reporter secretly video taping the action and showing it on the TV News Feb, 2005. Only old and overweight Hungarian men and uninformed tourists go there but it is dull and boring. They have guys walking around to make sure there are no other scandals. The thermal is owned by the City of Budapest.
  • Comment by Michele who visited in August 2006: Quiet disappointing in general terms compared to Szecheny or other baths - not in a good state and a little dirty. Definitely gay in the for-men days but most of the people are in the middle age. They seemed to be locals. Despite what I had read on this site, I saw some action there. If you want to experience a hungarian bath, I recommend Szecheny or Gellert. If you look for sex, I suggest trying in some clubs.
  • Comment by Nick who visited in August 2006: I went there around 10 am on the Thursday. I paid 2000 Forints all up incl massage which I didn't have as the guy was obese and the previous guy receiving the massage was old and had a rash all over him. He was completely naked. I couldn't do it. The venue itself is run down and needs renovation which I think they are waiting to do. It wasn't too crowded but mainly older men. They were happy to look at the eye candy. I didn't go in the bath as again it just felt dirty. I had been to Rudas and compared to that bath it was awful. So I thought I'd just take a long shower. I kept my briefs on which the Hungarians seem not to worry about and go naked. The guy in the stalls next to me was lathering up. He was around 50. He kept stepping away from his cubicle to get a look at me whilst all the while lathering his crotch and ass. I started to get hard myself and had him all excited. A few passers by were happy to watch and others kept on with their business pretending not to notice. I spotted a guy giving me the tongue and signalling towards the toilets. I followed him in and we closed the door but no lock (removed for exactly this reason I guess) I held the door shut with one hand whilst we went about our business. I could go back again and simply put on a solo show in the shower area. Real turn on. Rudas had better looking guys and the apron which only covers your crotch area. Real sexy. I think if you tried you could get action at any of the the known baths.
  • Comment by Zizo who visited in January 2007: One of the best gay places in the world! Here you can meet with a friendly old and young gay who came from all the world. The older man come in the morning. But the best time to visit is 3 pm. For me Kiraly is always the best.
  • Comment by Ivan who visited in September 2007: It is now 1300 HUF and a towel is not included (600 HUF rental plus 3000 HUF deposit). They are still strict on men wearing swimming trunks - as well as several signs, the person at the ticket counter asks if you have them. However, a couple of men wore their (white, and thus translucent when wet) underwear and no one stopped them. When I was there, the clientele was almost entirely older men - this may have been due to it being the early afternoon on a Thursday.
  • Loren wrote in November 2007: I just came back from Budapest this week and went to Kiraly twice. Compared to my trip six years ago, there is still as much sex going on. I didn't see any cameras or any staff coming around to check. The downside is six years ago the place was crowded with men of all ages from countries around the world. This trip most were local very old men 70+ in their speedos. Nothing wrong there, but the mix six years ago was wonderful. This time instead of admiring the bodies, my time was spent enjoying the baths, steam room, sauna, etc. I don't see the price as being a significant factor, so the word from prior comments may have discouraged people from going to Kiraly. Unfortunate, I found the place to still be a great cultural experience.
  • Kristian wrote in November 2008: I visited Kiraly in July 2008. A lot of sex in the hot water, the shower and the toilet.
  • Jake wrote in November 2008: Went there 3 weeks ago (October 2008). Admission is 2600 HUF and no need to wear a bathing suit as the old traditional apron is worn. Men in on Tues & Thurs, mainly older men and local but absolutely gay. Forget about the scandal a few years ago, plenty of action here and open as you like (but descrete). Action in every part of the place, the main pool, the steam room and the two smaller pools. If you're looking for action, this is the place to go.
  • Raphael wrote in January 2009: I went there in January 2009. The good old days are back. No swim suits required, aprons & towels available. Action everywhere. And the opening days have changed. It is now Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday men only. Recommended!
  • Comment by Twinkie February 2009: We visited Kiraly Baths in Budapest on Tuesday in February 2009. I did not really expected something as I read here that there is no action anymore. If I would not know that there is mineral water I would rather run away. On the internet you can see pictures of ancient building and it really is as well as the people inside 95% of them is around their sixty or seventy years of age. The pictures of spas on internet is well made bud inside it is very old and very used but quite clean. Big part is cloak room and the big room where you can have a rest. Inside the pool as can be seen on pictures where is all those elderly people in the water. Some of them are hugging and some of them are stroking each other cock but not really action in there. You could see some hard dicks there. The water smells like old bad eggs so it contains sulfur salt and bath was very refreshing. I wanted to visit this baths as they are very famous but as I said it is nothing really for young people. Maybe in several decades it could become even my favorite venue.
  • Comment by Ryan February 2009: I have heard that swim suits are no longer required for men only days, but that they give you a loin clothe to wear. I have not been there to verify this information.
  • Matthias wrote in April 2009: It is right. You need no swim wear :). I have been there in March.
  • Anthony wrote in April 2009: Visited April 2009. Loin clothes do need to be worn, but they are minimal. Very cruisy, mostly older clientele. Very gay, to the extent that gay sex was openly in progress! Place feels a bit worn out. Unless you want sex, Rudas is better.
  • Nick wrote in May 2009: Bathing trunks no longer required. They give you an apron at the entrance, as it used to be in Gellert. I was there in April 2009 and there was some action in one of the pools and in the shower area.
  • Simon wrote in July 2009: You wear a loin cloth. I didn't see any monitors around the area and people were openly cruising. I saw some soft action.
  • BiGuy wrote in October 2009: Very Old place, but seems to be clean. Men day: Only for gay or gay-friendly. If not, you will be chocked. Several actions everywhere. But always relatively soft action. I was inside water from less 3 minutes, and it helped me to get my ... out. Good place to relax.
  • Heri wrote in December 2009: Visited November 2009. What a great experience! I went to Kiraly on Thursday and Saturday night from 6pm to 8pm. At the entrance an apron and a white towel has been given and one had to change in a locker room. I had to leave all the stuff in the locker room and left this room with only the apron. A very erotic experience. One had to climb down a stair to reach the thermal bath area. There were two hot rooms, one 36°C pool, shower area and a great, big 37°C pool in this ancient turkish bath surroundings. What a view and experience. Everyone was lying in the pool or walking around with the apron. There was as well a steam area and another hidden shower area, where some action took place. On Thursday I met french tourists in their 20ies who enjoyed this place and on Saturday three beautiful young Hungarians were there. But most of the crowd is in their 40ies to 60ies, with some exceptions sometimes. Kiraly was a great experience for me, especially the cruisy apron steamy athmosphere.
  • Bluberry wrote in December 2009: Visited November 2009. Interesting place. Hot water with sulfur. Feels like you're in hell. Mainly older bears. You can have sex there under showers. It would be nice if they would renovate, just a little bit.
  • Ryan wrote in August 2010: I was there July 31. The prices are wrong and they no longer offer refunds. There is no time limit as the place is almost empty much of the time. At 2 pm, there were 11 old men. By 6 pm, there were 32, but still not much to prompt gay tourists to visit. With the lack of clients, there is no need for a time restriction any longer. Signs are posted about illicit behavior, but monitoring is no longer apparent, though there is little need either. Showers now have doors. No bathroom action at all during my 4 hours there, which is a big change from the old days.
  • Pba wrote in June 2011: On May 1st 2011 Kiraly bath is co-ed all the time. I went over there this afternoon (Tuesday) from 3-6 pm and the whole place never reached over 20 people at any given time. There were 3 women so the gay cruising is pretty much dead. Most of the 20 clients are gay but because there are women around no one is even trying to cruise for sex. I visited this place 2 years ago and it was packed with gay guys and lots of underwater play and jack off orgies in the steam room but the good days are gone.
  • Ryan wrote in July 2011: On May 1, 2011, the Kiraly Thermal changed policies yet again. There are no longer men and women days. Every day is both male and female. You must wear a swimsuit. There is no refund of money at all if you leave early.
  • John wrote in August 2011: Kiraly baths has now become mixed bathing only. As of April 2011, this place is now mixed sex only, costumes obligatory.  So forget it. Hardly anyone goes there. 6 people and it's crowded. Such a shame. Hopefully if it's a financial disaster those who decide these things will reverse their decision and give the people of Budapest what they want! The Rudas baths still have separate men-only and women-only days so you can wander around naked happily (and there were some very friendly people bathing in the side pools!) :) Discretion always required, though, as none of these baths are primarily gay.
Further baths
  • Rudas indoor pools, 1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, Phone: +36-1/ 356 13 22 (Bus 5, 7, 8 and 86; Tram 18, 19. At the foot of the Buda bridgehead of the Elizabeth bridge) Open all Year. Men only Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 6 am til 8 pm.
  • Palatinus open air swimming pool, 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget, Phone: +36-1/ 340 45 05 (At Nyugati metro station take bus 26 until Palatinus) The nudist sun terrace is frequented almost only by gays. Open May 1st til end of August from 9 am until 8 pm.
  • Rác Bath Closed since June 2002
  • Lukács thermal bath and swimming pool , 1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-27, Phone: +36-1/ 326 16 95 (Bus 6, 60 and 86; Tram 4, 6 and 17; HEV stop Margit Bridge) Open all Year. Men and women daily 6 am til 8 pm.
  • Széchenyi swimming pool and group thermal healing pool, 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti út 11, Phone: +36-1/ 363 32 10 (Trolley 72; Metro Széchenyi stop. Situated in the City Park) Open all Year. Men and women daily 6 am til 10 pm.
  • Csillaghegyi open air swimming pool, 1038 Budapest, Pusztakúti út 3, Phone: +36-1/ 250 15 33 (Metro and HEV Batthány tér, Bus 42) The nudist area at the top of the hill is often visited by gays. Open all Year. Men and women daily 6 am til 8 pm.
  • To read more about all of the thermals in Budapest go to:
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  • Comment by Bruno who visited in June 2006: Palatinus. I think it is worth a visit. On the Margarite Island. It has a nudist area on the roof of the entrance building. This nudist area is only visited by gays, which I find quite funny (in fact it is a public swimmingpool). Continuous eye-contact with really hot and handsome guys and cruisy toilets. Easy to find sex there.
  • Comment by Bruno who visited in June 2006: Rudas. After renovation, they put half-transparent doors in the toilets and showers, so you cannot find a place were you can go with a guy to have sex with without being seen. The bath is incredibly beautiful and very relaxing. There are some hot gay guys but I found difficult to get in touch with, because everything seems to be very neutral. I had a hot time with a guy in the opposite shower but it was impossible to go further, except some caresses in the baths, always surrounded by other heterosexual visitors. The place is really stimulating and erotic, because no one wears swimming suits, just only the towel given there. I really enjoyed.
  • John wrote in April 2008: Rudas. Was better before the renovation! It was all men everyday of the week now on somedays even weekend is coed (men/women). And the staff does not speak english. Don't get a body wash massage, - 5 mins it's done.
  • William wrote in April 2008: Rudas. I went at 4 pm on a Friday, and there were so many cute men coming from work. There's nowhere to have sex, but the atmosphere is very homoerotic, mainly gay but not admitting it, and I jerked a guy in the toilets.
  • Heri wrote in December 2009: Rudas. Visited November 2009. I went there on a men only day (Thursday). An apron was given and one had to change in the locker room. With only the apron I entered the thermal bath area. Very beautiful, freshly renovated. There is a central thermal bath, that is surrounded by four other pools (28°C; 31°C; 33°C and 40°C). Furthermore there was a steam and a hot room. Not as cruisy as Kiraly, but also very beautiful, erotic and sexy.
  • Kevin wrote in February 2013: I visited the Rudas Baths and I believe it deserves more than just a foot-note mention. Of the 3 baths I visited on holiday, this was by far the most cruisy. I believe it is the only baths which still has separate male/female days, meaning aprons are worn. While not explicitly gay, there is plenty of cruising to be had everywhere. At 3 pm on a Friday afternoon in February, there was an excellent mix of people, young, old, fit, not fit, gay, straight. I would highly recommend it. 3300 HUF.
  • Kevin wrote in February 2013: I visited the Széchenyi Baths in February 2013, and I was highly impressed. While it is not cruisy (mixed bathing all the time), the whole set up is impressive. The buildings, the inside and outside baths, friendly staff, and relatively cheap price - 4400 HUF. For gay men, I would recommend Rudas for cruising & Széchenyi for relaxation.
  • Timon wrote in January 2014: Rudas bath, June & Dec 2013 .On Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri there are only men, most wear instead of a swim suit an apron. A lot of elder men but always some in their 20s&30s too. Nearly everytime I found one to follow to the toilets ;-) Best bath in B´pest for cruising!!
  • Timon wrote in January 2014: In June 2013 I was in Szechenyi bath. My first impression was, that there are too many tourists, so you can´t enjoy an authentic Hungarian bath. But a lot of tourists mean also higher chance for a gay guy. So within half an hour I met a Malaysian guy, we went into the changing cabin and left afterwards through the separate doors to different sides. - Very nice. But the bath is relatively expensive and the steam room as well the sauna are small. Better bring your own towel.
Omszki Lake: Just outside Budapest, in the north, reachable by the suburban train "HEV", starting from Batthany tér (direction: Szentendre). Get off at Budakalász. From there it is about 20-30 minutes walk to the lake. There is a nudist area often visited by gays.

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Jason wrote in July 2008: Omszki lake park has a nice nude section on the north side with a lot of reeds and trees for shade. The reeds are a good place to find action of any kind and I got one hell of a blow job while crusing in the reeds.
  • Peter wrote in March 2010: Visited Omszki Lake during summer 2009 many times. Gays and usually older couples are visiting. Friendly but nudism is not allowed. I paid fine, although it was only a few Euros. Not worth to visit. Instead, Luppa Lake is the perfect nudist place to be visited. The only problem, it is very far away from a train station. Bicycle is essential, or car. Gay area is very nice, lots of gays around, teasing, watching each other and gathering. Hetero and curious guys are making it more interesting. Nudism is allowed, so no official problem here. Naked girls making the place very friendly. It's always a good camouflage. Recommended.
Dipping into Budapest's Baths
Budapest is well known for its public bathhouses, which also play an important role in the city's gay life. The most recommended baths are listed below.

A visit to a Budapest bathhouse, a tradition leftover from the Turkish occupancy of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, is a unique way to experience Hungarian culture firsthand (as it were). Mass-market tourist guidebooks make much of the interesting architecture to be found at these institutions. However, a trip to the bathhouse is fraught with customs and rules that will be entirely new to a Westerner, especially men who usually go to other European or American bathhouses to hook up with other guys for sexual fun and games. (As a man, I am only addressing the bathhouses from the gay male viewpoint, and would welcome any lesbians to write about their visit to a women's bathhouse).
Read more of this article contributed originally by Rick Rodgers and re-written and updated in February 2005 by Ryan James for our web site:
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