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Sauna 69
1093 Budapest, Angyal utca 2 (Entrance from the street - a metal door with the sign 69)
Phone: +36-1/ 2101751
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Facebook: Visit this link
Gayromeo: Visit this link
(Close to the Petofi bridge, Metro stop Ferenc korut; Tram 4 or 6 Mester utca stop; 2, 2A Boraros ter stop; Bus 15 Boraros ter stop; Night Bus 906e Mester utca stop; 914, 950e Ferenc korut stop)
The 500 square meters sauna for gay men. It is open since December 2004. Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, 12 relax cabins, 6 glory holes, darkroom, massage, video room, free internet and Wifi access, relaxation room with TV; bar with alcoholic beverages (beer, breezers, champagne, wine), non alcoholic, hot and cold drinks, snacks. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any premises.

Opening hours: Mondays till Thursdays 1 pm until 1 am, Fridays 1 pm until 2 am, Saturdays 1 pm until 4 am (closing time may vary on Saturday) and Sundays 1 pm until 1 am.
Entrance fees: Under 25 years 1600 HUF (Thursdays 1300 HUF); Over 25 years 2100 HUF (Wednesdays 1700 HUF; Mondays 1pm to 6pm 1600 HUF) Towel and slippers are included. Extra towel: 250 HUF. Return same day: 500 HUF. (checked January 2014).
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  • Daniel wrote in March 2009: The sauna was easy to locate, however the door staff was quite unfriendly. Infact rather rude and abrupt. Don't quite know why? I always remember my please & thsnk you's. All very clean. No condoms in the areas though? You are given one as you enter and have to return to reception for one more should you need it. Not very practical if you are caught in the heat of the moment.
  • Guy wrote in August 2009: I visited Sauna 69 a few years ago. I liked it because of the cleanliness and the non-alcoholic policy. I'm not an enemy of alcohol, but it seamed right then. Your masseurs were very good. I hope to get there again.
  • Adam wrote in May 2009: This place was great. The guys who worked at the front desk were either nice or rude, but who gives a shit once you are inside? The place is nice and clean. It's a legitimate sauna in its own right just to relax. Its a mixed crowd, with some older and some younger, and everything in between. It gets better as it gets later in the day. I went a few times when i was in Budapest and hooked up with some really hot guys.
  • Soeren wrote in August 2010: I was there at the very end of the summer. Seems that days when young people visited this place are gone. The twinks from advertising are just elsewhere not there. 'Young crowd' means actually some rentboys and some around 30yo people. The majority of customers are 35yo and elder. If you are ok with that, this is your place. However the sauna is pretty and the staff ok, you will get slippers and condoms at entrance.
  • Adam wrote in July 2011: I visited this sauna in July 2011 on a Monday evening. There were all sorts of people, also young ones. I had a hot time with a young guy there. Recomended.
  • Barna wrote in August 2011: I tried the 2 saunas. This one is very far the best. Better guys, very clean and good installations, cheaper, Don't go to the other, you'll be as disappointed as me. In Magnum, they are all olds, it's a bit dirty and expensive.
  • Ben wrote in November 2012: On Sunday, 28 October 2012 I went to Szauna 69 together with a friend. We took the metro to the station Corvin-Negyed and from there it was an easy walk via Ferenc körút to Angyal útca 2. From the outside there was no sign that there was a sauna at all, until you see Number 2 and a door with Szauna 69 on it. This anonymous door did hide a surprisingly extended venue. When entering the sauna, you have to pay HUF 2000 (around 7,5 Euro) and get a towel, a pair of slippers, a condom and lube. I requested an extra towel for HUF 250 (around 0,90 Euro). I was surprised to see so many beautiful Hungarian guys around. The guys seemed well aware of their well-toned bodies, so different from the dominant Anglosaxon 'beefy' style musled men. Hungary is a great nation in swimming, athletics and gymnastics. You could see that: the bodies were more swimmers-build than fitness-build, if you understand what I mean. Szauna 69 was a bit complicated to oversee. It is dark, many corners and edges, it takes a whole to discover where everything is. Hungarian men on the street seem not afraid to touch each other in an amical way, during discussions or when partying. In the sauna however it was remarkable how careful everyone was: towel around in the dry sauna, towel around in the steambath, towel around in the infrared sauna. Appearing 'straight' seemed important. Of course everyone was as queer as possible but from the outside it was important to look fit, manly, straight and cool. Also remarkable: In comparison to cities as Amsterdam or Berlin, hardly any guy with a tattoo or piercing, just au naturel. When I was there, I only saw to or three over 50, the rest was (way) under that age. There is a disadvantage of having so many gorgeous guys around: everyone keeps on die Prinzensuche as the Germans say (looking for that Prince). When there are so many hot dudes around, the chance is big that everyone keeps walking, watching, flirting but in the end goes home, a little bit disappointed. This time I encountered a cute muscled Hungarian dude, who looked like one of those gymnasiasts on the Olympics. He was such a good kisser, mmmm. Szauna 69 is definitely worth a visit.
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