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Map of Budapest
Budapest is divided to two parts by the Danube: Buda (the hilly side) and Pest (the lively city center). All gay bars, cafes, and clubs are on the Pest side. The city consists of districts ('kerület', abbrev. 'ker.') arranged in a spiral, and numbered in Roman numerals starting at the center (so, I. and II. are the most central districts on the Buda side, V.,VI., VII. and VIII the most central districts on the Pest side.) Hungarian postal codes always consist of 4 digits. The first digit for Budapest is a 1, the second and third are the district number (e.g. 1077 would be in the VII. district). Click here to enlarge the map
Public Transport
Information telephone of the Budapest public transport company (BKV): 06 80 40 66 88 (only Hungarian), ticket office: 461 65 00. Budapest has a very good public transport system: Three Metro (= subway) lines meet at Deak Ter for transfers. Subways run every 2 to 15 minutes from 4:30 am to 11:10 pm.

  • M1 - (yellow line): Vörösmarty tér-Mexikói út. M1 is the Millenium Underground was the first metro line on the Continent built at the end of the 19th century (the second in the world after the London underground).
  • M2 - (red line): Déli pályaudvar - Örs vezér tere
  • M3 - (blue line): Újpest, Városközpont - Kobánya-Kispest

  • Trams run from 4:30 am until 11:45 pm.
  • Busses and Trolley busses (electric busses) are on duty almost continually.
  • Important: Budapest transportation requires tickets for every change of line! There are many inspectors. We recommend a day, 3-day, week, bi-weekly or 30-day ticket. You can purchase them at Metro stations.

    The night bus system is very good too. (Night buses have an "é" as a suffix after their number, e.g.: 78é).

On 24th of December there is public service only until 4 p.m.
Local train services ( HÉV ) operate from Budapest to Csepel Island in the south of the city and to the nearby towns of Szentendre, Gödöllö and Ráckeve. Before getting on the HÉV supplementary tickets are also needed and can be purchased in the ticket office for the journey. The ticket will cover the end boundary of Budapest and the mentioned towns.

Fares (valid in 2011)

See BKV Website

All Vehicles (Valid on metro, bus, trolleybus, tram, cogwheel tram on the whole length of the line, but on suburban railway (HÉV) only within the administrative boundaries of Budapest.
Single Ticket: 320 HUF
Short section metro ticket 260 HUF
Single Ticket Purchased On The Vehicle: 400 HUF (Only on certain marked lines)
Discount Coupon Book (10 Ps): 2800 HUF
Transfer Ticket: 490 HUF
24 hour Ticket: 1550 HUF
72 hour Ticket: 3850 HUF
Seven-Day Travel card: 4600 HUF
48 hour family ticket: 2200 HUF
Discount group ticket for students (for 24 hours) 600 HUF/capita

Budapest Cards
Budapest card (for 24 hours) 5500 HUF
Budapest card (for 48 hours) 6900 HUF
Budapest card (for 72 hours) 8300 HUF

Season Passes (Photo Required)
Monthly pass: 9800 HUF
Monthly pass for disabled: 8500 HUF
Monthly pass for students: 3850 HUF
14 day pass: 6500 HUF
Quarterly Budapest pass (for 100 days) 29400 HUF
Quarterly Budapest pass for students (for 100 days) 11550 HUF
Quarterly Budapest pass for pensioners(for 100 days) 11100 HUF

Tickets purchased in advance must be punched at the start of the journey: There are small red punchers at the entrance of stations and in trams and busses. On HÉV, tickets are valid only within the boundary of Budapest (crossing the boundary a supplementary ticket is needed). Tickets can be obtained in tobacconists, metro stations and from ticket machines (or in a few trams and busses) but it is worth buying tickets at metro stations because of the wider range of tickets sold there.
Big maps are located at the entrances of metro stations showing the whole network of public transport of Budapest.

Special vehicles:
  • Boat services operate from May to September from the southern end to the northern end of Budapest from Boráros tér to Pünkösdfürdo. Information: 369-1359  
  • The Funicular (Sikló) from the Buda side of the Chain Bridge to Buda Castle Palace has been operating since the turn of the century every day from 7.30 a.m. til 10 p.m. (201 91 28) Tariff for adults 500 HUF up the hill and 400 HUF downhill, 300 HUF children.
    Opening hours from 7:30 am until 10 pm. They will not operate every second Monday of the month because of technical maintenance.

There are three possibilities for exploring the Buda Hills around the city:
  • the Cogwheel Railway (Fogaskerekü) from Városmajor (2 stops from Moszkva tér (The M2 line) the No. 18 or 56 trams) to Széchenyi Hill (342 23 35);
  • the Chair-lift (Libegö) from Zugliget (at the terminus of No. 158 bus from Moszkva tér,M2) to the look-out on János Hill (Budapest's highest point: 526 m), (394 37 64); Opening hours from 10 am till 5 pm, Tariff: adult one way 400 HUF, return 750 HUF; students and seniors 300 HUF, return 550 HUF; childrens (2-6) 200 HUF, return 350 HUF.
  • the Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút ; with children aged 10 -14 years on duty) from Huvösvölgy (at the terminus of No. 56 tram from Moszkva tér) to Széchenyi Hill. The narrow-gauge railway runs a distance of 11.2 kilometers through the Buda forests with a 20 km/h speed. The trip takes 45 minutes. (information: 395 54 20, head office: 397 53 96). Adult tariff one way 200 HUF, return 400 HUF; children (6-14) 65 HUF, return 130 HUF. nostalgia train one way adoult 300 HUF, return 500 HUF; children one way 115 HUF, return 185 HUF).
  • Special pedal-operated vehicles for 2-6 persons ( bringó-hintó ) can be hired and ridden in Budapest's most attractive parks - Margaret Island and Városliget (City Park).
Taxi drivers are obliged to provide a printed receipt or bill that mentions the fare and the amount of kilometers. Therefore, they have to use the taxi meter.
If you call a taxi, it is cheaper than if you stop a taxi on the street.
If you arrive at Keleti or Nyugati train station, don't take the taxis waiting directly in front of the main entrance. We advise you to use one of the taxi companies listed below; they clearly charge below the maximum rates.

Fares (checked in October 2011)

Fô Taxi
You can recognize this company from the red & white checkers and the phone number 222-2222 displayed on the cabs! Airport transfer is ? from the Buda side and ? HUF from the Pest side. Phone: 222-2222 or 06 80 222 222 (free call)
Web: Visit this link
When ordered by a phone call the basic fees are 300 HUF, 225 HUF/km, 56 HUF waiting
On the street the basic fees are 300 HUF, 240 HUF/km, 60 HUF waiting

Volán Taxi
A dice and the telephone number on the back window: 266-6666; Airport transfer is 3600 from the Buda side and 32000 HUF from the Pest side.
Phone: 266 6666
Web: Visit this link
When ordered by a phone call the basic fees are 300 HUF, 165 HUF/km, 41 HUF waiting
On the street the basic fees are 300 HUF, 240 HUF/km, 60 HUF waiting

Taxi 2000
Check the sticker 200-0000 in a red and black chequered field. Airport transfer is 4290 from the Buda side and 3790 HUF from the Pest side.
Phone: 200-0000
Web: Visit this link
When ordered by a phone call the basic fees are 300 HUF, 164 HUF/km, 41 HUF waiting
On the street the basic fees are 300 HUF, 240 HUF/km, 60 HUF waiting

The phonenumber 3 777 777 is on the front doors.
Airport transfer for 20 Euros (too expensive).
Phone: 3 777 777 + 5 777 777
Web: Visit this link
Ordering by phone call the basic fees are 300 HUF, 218 HUF/km, 54 HUF waiting
On the street the basic fees are 300 HUF, 240 HUF/km, 60 HUF waiting
Rent a Car
Lost and Found
Lost & found office (public transport): Phone: 267 52 98
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