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Telecom & Internet
The Hungarian Telecom has an Online Information desk for phone numbers.
All public phones in Budapest are callable. (You'll find the number at the phone box.) Hungary's country code is +36 , 1 is the area code for Budapest.
Most of the public phones operate with telephone cards, very few accept coins. Phone cards are available for 800 HUF (50 units card) or for 1800 HUF (120 units card) at central Metro stations and news stands. For international calls you may porchase a Telecard, see and save up to to 70%. Toll-Free dial-in number, no incidental expenses, ready to use after purchasing, 0-24 available helpdesk. You get the Telecard in many shops all over Budapest and you can use it on every landline phone, including public phone booths. Other low cost phone card providers are Neophone, and

Important phone numbers
Police: 107
Budapest Police Headquarters: 343 0034
Fire and Emergency: 105
Ambulance: 104
If 104 does not answer: 311 1666
Phone Directory Hungary: 198
Phone Directory Hungary in English: 191
Online Information desk on Phone numbers
Phone Information International (if you tell a subscriber's name and address they can tell you the number): 199
Telegrams: 192
International collect calls: 190

Long Distance Calls
Inside Hungary dial 06 and the region code, for international calls dial 00 and country code. If you call Hungary from the US, dial 011 first, then 36 for Hungary, regional code (e.g. 1 for Budapest), and then the phone number.

The public fax station is at the office of  Hungarian Telecom Company MATÁV: District V., Petôfi Sándor utca 17/19; Monday to Friday 8 am. until 8 pm. Some Internet cafes provide fax services.

International direct access providers (updated January 2004)
  • AT&T World Connect Service: 06 80 001111
  • MCI WorldPhone Servive: 06 80 001411
  • Sprint: 06 80 001411
  • Australia Direct: 06 80 006111
  • Canada Direct: 06 80 001211
  • France: 06 80 003311
  • Germany Direct: 06 80 004911

Mobile phones
In Hungary, the GSM mobile phone network is operating. Providers:
  • T-Mobile Home page: (Prefix is 06 30) V., Petôfi Sándor utca 12. Phone: 06 309 30 30 30 or 266 57 23,
  • Telenor Home page: (Prefix is 06 20) Center: 2040 Budaörs, Baross utca 165.
    Shop: 1134 Budapest, Fáy utca 4.
    Shop close to Astoria: VII. Károly krt. 3/a. Phone: 344 26 10
    Customer Service Phone: 46 46 020.
  • Vodafone 1800 GSM Home page Home page: (Prefix is 06 70)
Mobile phones from North America do not work on the GSM Network.

Internet cafés
  • Astorianet Internet Café closed.
  • Cafe Eckermann (belonging to Goethe Institute), VI., Andrássy út 24, Phone: 353 22 33, Mon-Fri 2 tin 10 pm, Sa 10 til 10 pm (M1 Opera)
  • Budapest Net Internet Café, V., Kecskeméti út 5; Phone 328 02 92; daily 10 am til 10 pm (M3 Kálvin tér)
  • Narancs VII., Akacfa út (moved from house number 16 to ?) ; Phone ; daily 10 am til midnught (M2 Blaha L tér)

Access for Notebooks
Please be aware that electricity is 220 volts in Hungary and you may need a different power-pack.
  • WiFi Connections Budapest has a few places where you can have free WiFi internet access. The one that we prefer is the Szoda Cafe (Wesslenyi utca 18, 7th district, phone +36/1/4610007 +36/703896463 or +36/705613798 (mobile),, close to the Synagoge and metro stop Astoria). Open Mondays to Fridays from 9 am until midnight and Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm until midnight (seldom do they close earlier, sometimes later). Sometimes they close without notice or open earlier or close earlier. Sometimes the wifi access is shut down from 7 or 8pm, but sometimes it works until they close at night. If you go there and its closed there is another coffee shop with free wifi internet connection near to Szoda (walk 4 minutes): The cafe that belongs to the Uránia cinema (1st floor, in Rákóczi út 21, 8th district, phone +36/1/4863400, also close to metro station Astoria, bus 7 black). Open from 10 am until 10 pm. We use a wifi adapter with 802.11 standard and this works. Both places are maintained by a WiFi provider called HuWiCo.
  • .
  • DSL Connections If you are a long-term resident, provides a DSL line for 10300 HUF/month as a flat rate with a 1 year contract and without any further charges and It is faster than any modem connection. provides the same DSL line, but is a bit more expensive. We are not sure if Freestart has English speaking support staff available, but T Home has it 24 hours.
Language & Dictionary
If you do not know what it means ... use a free online dictionary (interactive):
There is one from Ectaco:




bridgehíd shopbolt/üzlet 
department storeáruház pharmacygyógyszertár 
florist shopvirágboltpost officeposta 
theaterszínház railway stationpályaudvar 
opennyitva closedzárva 
entrancebejárat exitkijárat 
pullhúzni pushtolni 
Translations & Interpreter
If you need a text to be translated or an interpreter for meetings let us know and we will try to find someone who is available. Please let us know the languages involved and if you need a text to be translated (If so: What kind of text is it? A private text, an official text? A text that concerns legal issues?) or if you need to hire an interpreter (for which dates, at what times and for how many hours?). Please contact us.
Foreign Language Media
Further resources for tourists are newspapers & magazines in foreign languages, purchasable at train stations and newsstands downtown. Practically all the well known international press publications can be purchased in the larger hotels and from news-agents. Some of the foreign language press published in Hungary:
  • Budapest Week
  • Budapest Sun
  • Where Budapest is a free monthly printed publication that focus on shopping, dining, entertainment & maps. You may get it at major hotels.
  • The Hungarian Times
  • The Hungarian Observer
  • Budapest Business Journal
  • Pester Lloyd (in German)
  • Budapester Zeitung (in German)
  • Also Russian and Chinese papers are published

A large second hand bookstore for English books (you'll love it!) is Red Bus Bookstoe, located in V., Szerb utca 21-23. Open weekdays from 12 noon until 7 pm., phone: 266 98 33 / 2226.
"Videomania", a video rental store offers a large selection of English language videos. (Andrassy út 33, corner Nagymezö utca, Phone: 269 68 12. Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10 a.m. til 10 pm; Fri & Sat 10 a.m. til midnight) Also foreigners can get a member card - a refundable sum of  2000 HUF deposit and your passport or ID are required.
Radio & TV
There are a lot of American, British, German, Austrian, French, English, Italian and Spanish channels on the Budapest TV cable networks. In some districts CNN and BBC are the only English cable channels. BBC News shown on the Hungarian TV channel MTV1 every night. English news can be listened to on every full hour between 5 am. and 10 pm. at Radio Bridge (FM 102.1 MHz).
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